About Dr. C

Welcome to DentalTips.org! I’m Dr. C. I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, attended the University of Waterloo for my undergraduate degree, then graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Toronto. 

I'm a fan of the Internet - I've benefited tremendously from the free and open flow of information. My vision with DentalTips.org is to present objective evidence for dental treatments, so you can make better-informed decisions for your oral health.

Bitcoin is the motivation for this website. Understanding the macroeconomic issues in Bitcoin led me to the comprehension of the root causes of why the dental industry seems ridiculous to me. I.e., the distortion of best standards of care in dentistry is symptomatic of dysfunctional monetary systems. Dentistry is an insurance-driven industry; my profession is one which is positioned at the spout of the money faucet. I’ve seen first hand all sorts of moral hazards that occurs as a direct result. This website was created to reduce information asymmetry in favour of the consumer.

If all goes well, we will create a better alternative to legacy insurance markets, built on top of Bitcoin. My working idea takes inspiration from Informal Loan Clubs. Imagine a form of collaborative finance which is verifiably fair, and utilising micropayments to build real-time fee markets for dentistry. If you’re interested in this project, email dentaltips.org@gmail.com.

As a good Bitcoiner: Don't trust. Verify.

- Dr. C